Lion Earring Sterling Silver Black Post 2 pieces. Lion Head and Body

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Extremely detailed lion head post earring. 

Black Sterling Silver finishing.

6mm diameter.

Post 2 pieces. Lion Head and Body that connects together on the back of the ear.

The Lion's head is facing the front!


And if you feel like reading here is the collection story^


Heirloom Collection

Reworked design improves on a classic men’s ring. These aged silver or matte gold signet ring can be left clean or engraved and jeweled to your specifications.

Lion Signet, Shield & Swords:

Hand-crafted to a standard of perfection. This collection’s trademark is the antiqued lion-head - symbolizing the roaring wisdom of Julius Cesar. Displayed on detailed bronze or sterling silver rings and cuffs, with a dark patina finish.

"Veni Vidi Vici" (I came I saw I conquered) engraved on the side.


Heirloom Sword Necklace Black Sterling Silver

Designed in our Studio in Brooklyn NY, Made in Italy.

This unique piece features an elegant while edgy sword pendant with striking meticulous detailing strung on a strong sterling silver chain.

-Sterling silver 925 Aged black

-Sterling Silver chain 28in. long

-Sword length 2 inches 1/4

Heirloom Sword Earring Black Sterling Silver, single ear. 

Elegant while edgy sword post earring with striking meticulous detailing.

-Sterling silver 925 Aged black

-Sword length 1 inch 3/4 

Lion Head and Body post Earring in 14k Gold or Black Sterling Silver

Lion head earring, the body of the earring is a separate piece. 

-2 ways of being worn.  The Lion head as a post or both pieces together.  

-Lost-wax casting process

-14k Yellow Gold

-Sterling Silver 925 Aged black 

Lion Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver or Bronze Heirloom Collection

Hand carved Lion head. The end of this bracelet becomes a nail with a slightly sharp edge.


-Bronze  or Sterling Silver (lost wax casting process)

-Antique patina finishing

-Engraved details: "Veni Vidi Vici"


  • Large 2.75in.
  • Medium 2.5in.
  • Small 2.25in
  • XSmall 1.75in

Adjustable slip-on style, open or close for the right fit.

Lion Head Ring Open and Adjustable in Bronze or Sterling Silver

Lion head cuff bracelet, the extension of the bracelet becomes a nail with a slightly sharp edge. 


-Lost-wax casting process

-Sterling Silver 925 

-Antique patina finishing.

Signet Ring with Black Onyx in Sterling Silver (APPLY TO ALL)

Reworked design improves on a classic men’s ring. Textured Silver. Logo and Lion coat of arms embossed on the sides. 

• 16mm wide

• Aged Sterling Silver 925

• Black Onyx


Shield Signet Necklace Sterling Silver Black Onyx Bloodstone Malaquite Carnelian

Size: 16mm wide by 19mm long

Choose your own Gemstone:


  • Aged 925 Sterling Silver 
  • Gem 15mm x 18mm
  • Round Box chain in 925 aged Sterling Silver