About Us

Nicolas AmbrosioOwner and CEO of Ambrosio Jewelry, Nicolas "Nico" Ambrosio wearing fitted suit sitting in chair photograph. new york nyc italian handmade modern brooklyn east williamsburg nyc elegant

Nicolas Ambrosio is the founder & creative mind of Ambrosio Jewelry.

Born in Argentina, Nicolas lives in New York, where he designs and produces his jewelry, and the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. after traveling and exploring many places around the globe, Nicolas came up with the idea of transforming these simple objects he finds into fashionable, wearable items, in order to give them a new life and a new story.

These unique pieces combine antique and modern, classic and edgy.  Crafted according to the strict rules of Italian jewelry-making, Ambrosio Jewelry stands out for its originality and realness: a statement that speaks for itself while still being humble.